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When it all started.

Funny enough, I started my hockey career as a striker. While on the attack, I became quite intrigued with with the art of defence. I decided to give it a go, and little did I know how this choice was going to change my life.




After getting the ropes of being a goalkeeper, I discovered my passion for this defensive role, I worked as hard as any 12 year-old could and claimed my title as De Hoop's first team goalie in 2019. I was coached by Jade Main, an ex-player for the South African woman's team. 

With my trustworthy team, we placed 3rd at Top Schools.

During this year, I was also awarded with provincial colours and played for the Western Province. We came 3rd in our league.

I played for the Foxes u/13 A team in the Pro Series Indoor (PSI) Tournament.

2019 gave me a taste of success, and I was hungry for more.

I started private goalkeeper training with William Everleigh, a previous SA goalkeeper. He continued coaching throughout the oncoming years.





High School brought the opportunity to be seen, and I knew Bloemhof High School was my perfect match. They saw my talent and dedication, and before I knew it, I played for the u/16 A team while only being 14 years old.

This opportunity was short lived due to Covid-19, but while respecting the regulations, I continued with my own personal training. I worked hard on my skills and fitness, and watched videos of the legends before me. 

To my luck, CPL was created. CPL is a hockey tournament that gives WP and Boland children the opportunity to play as one. There are six teams, and I was fortunate to play for the Heat, coached by Michael Gildenhuys. 



The Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, and I finally got the chance to perform in the u/16 A team lead by Coach Ilse Davids. I was proud to accept an OBO and Planet Hockey Sponsorship.

After this, I was asked to play for the Bloemhof Old Girls against Bloemhof's first team of 2021. It was a great experience to learn form my seniors and form connections.

At the end of 2021, we played in the u/17 Top Schools Tournament, and we came 8th. It was a big achievement for me and my team, considering the strength of the schools that we went up against.

Once again, I played for the Foxes u/16 A team in the PSI tournament. I was coached by Stephanie Botha, a current player for the South African Woman's team.




The year I made 1st team, coached by Jenny King. This has always been one of my biggest dreams and one of my proudest accomplishments. I had the opportunity to train with the u/21 SA goalkeeper, Mishka Ellis.

In April, we were invited to attend the St Marys Waverly Hockey Tournament. We placed 7th amongst 32 schools. Bloemhof has never received a position in the top 8. This is when we knew that our team will be making history. 

At the end of the year, we came 2nd in the Rising Champs Tournament.

In addition to this, I made the Boland Regional team and I played for the u/18's at CPL, while only being 16. 

Of course, I had to play some indoor hockey. I made the Foxes u/18 A team, coached by Carl Cooper, and had a great tournament. This lead to the University of Cape Town inviting me to play for their indoor second team.




And here we are now, playing 1st team for the second year.

We came 6th in the All Girls Tournament in Bloemfontein. 

We went back to St Marys and had quite the learning experience. I took those lessons learned and I can now proudly say that my team and I qualified for Top Schools. This tournament will consist of South Africa's 12 best hockey teams. We are looking forward to giving all that we've got and worked for.

I made the Boland Regional team once again, and CPL will be seeing me soon.




I have always admired the Netherland and Argentina teams. It would be a great privilege to be apart something similar one day.


I want to inspire others like how I am inspired by the legends of today.


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